house redesigned is my home on the internet. it's where i share my redesign passions, projects, mistakes, and lessons learned. 

about me

My name is Jess. In April 2016 my husband and I bought a beautiful but abandoned home in Washington, DC that needed work, but moreso, needed vision. I've dabbled in renovations before, as we had bought, renovated, and sold about half a dozen properties in the 3 years leading up to this. But this was different. This was physically bigger, conceptually grander, and financially steeper; but most importantly, this was the first of our renovations we would call home. 

Through seven renovations, I chose wood floor stains, paint colors, tiles, grout, appliances, light fixtures, furniture, area rugs, and more. At every step I hesitated and questioned my choices, and with every decision I became a little more confident (or at least learned what never to do again!). But through it all, I found one common denominator I brought to every project, one that I didn't hear or read a lot of other renovators talking about: I meticulously researched and planned. I had a multi-tab, color-coded spreadsheet for each home. I tracked timelines, budgets, and delivery dates. I made floor plans to test out furniture layouts and sizes, and I scoured the internet before every purchase to save every penny possible. And I loved it, decision fatigue and all.

Just six weeks after purchasing, we moved into our new home, fresh paint and off-gassing rug smells and all. As friends and family started visiting, I struggled to take in the kind compliments and requests for help with their own design projects. But with the help of a very supportive husband, I began to see the value in sharing my knowledge in a more public format. I have a lot of passion and a bit of knowledge that I hope can help others who are planning for or working on home renovations. Or at a minimum, who doesn't love to see a good before and after photo!

And so, here I am, writing a blog. But before you get into the good stuff, there are a few caveats...


  • I am not an interior designer: I'm learning what I like, but I can't name it by style or era. 
  • I am not a writer: My grammar and punctuation will be acceptable (I hope!), but not perfect.
  • I am not an experienced blogger: I'm teaching myself to navigate square space, but it won't always be pretty.
  • I am a nerd: I love numbers and spreadsheets and research, and I apply all of those skills to my redesign endeavors.

I hope you enjoy, and please leave me feedback! I have lots of ideas and things to share, but would like to cater my posts to what is most interesting and helpful to my readers!

Redesign away,