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Since we had several teams of contractors working simultaneously, we kind of started everywhere all at once. But we knew that getting the house properly secured and protected from the elements was our number one priority. So that's where we began, with the roof and siding. And that's where I'll begin: siding today, roof next time.

We inherited dated, faded, baby blue, aluminum siding.

* photos courtesy of Moments by DeWi

Before the roof and siding team arrived, we knew we were removing the old siding, flattening out the dormers on the right half of the front of the house (for aesthetics, but also for proper gutter and drainage arrangement), and installing HardiePlank. Not only did we prefer the look of HardiePlank, but it's also great for protection and durability across climates. We also knew there was a possibility that the home was not properly insulated, which unfortunately became unquestionably apparent as the original siding came down.

As needed, insulation and boards were replaced or added before the Tyvek (defensive house wrap) went up. Then the HardiePlank was installed.

Roof/siding contractors work fast! One day we left the house covered in Tyvek, and the next day it was half-adorned in neutral colored HardiePlank. After speedy review of the roof/siding contract on our phones, we realized we had not specified that we wanted pre-colored HardiePlank. And so we found ourselves selecting a series of blue paint samples out of a catalogue and then staring at them side by side up on our new house.

Why blue? Three reasons: 1. the house was originally blue, so we liked the idea of restoring rather than replacing, 2. blue is the favorite color of both myself and my husband, and 3. my husband has been intent on having a blue house ever since encountering this research-based, undoubtedly scientifically-proven theory that people who live in blue houses (in 2009 in the United Kingdom) are more successful than those who don't...

We ended up going with blue #3: not too dark, not too light, not too bright, but just right. The facelift was remarkable!

We were thrilled with the final outcome, but here's what we learned along the way:

  • Don't assume the people who owned the house before you (and the ones before them, and so on) did everything properly. Until you open things up, you can't be sure what's going on underneath.
  • Read your contracts carefully! If you know you want a certain product, style, color, etc., be sure it's specified in writing with the contractor.
  • Selecting pre-colored HardiePlank is ultimately more cost effective than buying paint and paying a painter after neutral siding is installed. However, HardiePlank has a limited number of color options, so if you want the ability to be nuanced in your color choice, you may prefer to pay a slight premium and have the siding painted after it's installed.

As always, thanks for checking out house:redesigned! Let me know what you think of the siding choices. Would you have gone with the same color? And in my next post, I'll be filling you in on everything we did to the roof!


the roof

the roof

the little things

the little things