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I'm back.

After an unplanned (and 71.4% unexpected) hiatus for spiritual recuperation and restoration of faith in humanity, this is me putting one foot in front of the other. And for now at least, I'll leave it at that.

So to ease back in, I'm keeping it simple and basic today: knobs :)

After mostly settling into the new house, I'm now finding myself distracted by unspectacular or mismatched hardware (I know, I know, doesn't exactly seem like the worst problem to have these days... one foot in front of the other, remember!). And so I've gone on a mission to spruce things up with some new knobs and pulls. This post could be considered an add on to the little things, as hardware is another simple way to bring new life to your space. 

So first, a shelving unit that used to hang in my great grandmother's apartment in Philadelphia. I recently refinished the entire unit (which I'll walk through - before, during and after photos included - in an upcoming post!), but I also switched out the old plastic black handles for new oil rubbed bronze cup pulls:

* cup pulls found on houzz

Second, the vanity in the master bathroom. We purchased this vanity from ModernBathroom, and we while we were able to select oil rubbed bronze faucets, the hardware only came in brushed nickel. And so I switched them out:

* new pulls found on knobs4less

And finally, a desk that sits in an awkardly large but fairly unusable space in the living room. The original knobs were an old fashioned circular gold, which just didn't fit with the rest of our home. So I replaced them with a black iron prism knob that is a better aesthetic match:

*new knobs from anthropologie 

A few things to note:

  • Measure carefully when purchasing pulls. Pulls are typically sold based on a "center-to-center" measurement, which is the distance between the two screws. Be sure to measure that space carefully, but also measure the total width of the pull and be sure that your purchase will fit and look appropriate for the scale of your furniture.
  • If you're looking for something unique, anthropologie has a surprisingly fantastic (though unsurprisingly expensive) collection of hardware 


i'm baaaaack (or will be soon)

i'm baaaaack (or will be soon)

flashback flip: twin part three

flashback flip: twin part three