flashback flip: twin part two

As I mentioned in twin part one, we took on our first official flip in early 2015. I say official, because we had renovated one property before the twin, but it had originally been purchased as a rental property, and we rented it for several years before taking on a few renovations and selling. The twin was the first property we bought with the sole and immediate intention of renovating to sell. 

If you're anything like me, exteriors and basements are great, but the good stuff is everything else. This house provided ample opportunity for the archetypal reveal: a wildly wallpapered kitchen, hardwood floors hidden under well-worn carpet, a lime green powder room with a wooden toilet seat, you get the picture. And if you don't, here are some pictures :)  Today I'm covering the living room, dining room, and bedrooms. Next time: kitchen and bathrooms!

Living Room and Dining Room

We majorly lucked out on the mail level when we pulled back the carpet to reveal beautiful hardwood floors that just needed some refinishing. Aside from the floors, we painted the walls a neutral color and updated light fixtures.

Hallway and Bedrooms:

The upstairs bedrooms had uncovered hardwood floors that were in fairly good shape. There were a few discolored areas that we were able to sand out before refinishing. We used the same neutral color on the walls, updated light fixtures, and staged. Voilà!


Take away tips:

  • Neutral is best: unless you plan on living in the house, keep the design and function as neutral as possible
  • Consider your price point: when selecting appliances and hardware and fixtures, consider your price point. Don't overdo your design choices if the market won't support a sale that covers your price tags
  • Consider your audience: check out photos from other properties that have sold in the neighborhood. You may spot trends that seem to help properties sell.
  • Stage: If at all possible, stage your property before you take photos and list it for sale. And if it isn't possible, build it into your budget from the get go next time. Buyers have a really difficult time picturing spaces with furniture in them - save them the effort by showing them exactly how beautiful the home will look when they move in!

all after photos courtesy of Moments by DeWi

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flashback flip: twin part three

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