The month that elapsed between finding out we got the house and signing the paperwork to make the house ours was a frenzy of timelines, spreadsheets, calling contractors, meeting with contractors, negotiating with contractors, comparing prices, scheduling, packing, and planning. And that month will be documented in it's own series of posts, where I will share some of my favorite resources and self-made spreadsheets, budgets, and trackers.

But it has taken me months to get this blog up and running, so I know many of you are starting to wonder if you will ever get to see this house you've read so much about. So this is for you, the starting point... 



* photos courtesy of Moments by DeWi

In the coming months I'll be posting the "after" photos, going room by room to share the options we choose, furniture we picked, mistakes we made, things we love(d)/hate(d), and things we'd do differently next time.

Until then, soak up the potential :)

And if you're just joining and wondering how we got here, check out my previous posts detailing our unusual home search...

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diy: mugs!

diy: mugs!