diy: mugs completed!

Surprisingly pleased!

  • Only took about 2 hours (and I imagine I would get quicker if this was a repeat project)
  • Was relatively cheap and easy
  • Turned out well enough to move into my mug cabinet!

Step 1: Gather supplies and review instructions

See my previous post here for what you need and where to buy it. Inspiration came from here and here.

Step 2: Draw the basic shape on all the mugs

The "winter" mug has the barest tree. So I drew that tree on one mug, and then tried to draw that same tree skeleton on the other three.

Step 3: Add on additional limbs

Now you can look at all four of the mugs, and decide which looks best bare. It probably won't be the first one you drew! Pull out the best one, and set it aside. It's done! Then add the spring limbs to the remaining three mugs.

Step 4: Leaves!

These trees are the basis for the spring, summer, and fall trees. The fall tree doesn't have any leaves on the limbs, so pick out the best looking tree for fall. The spring tree has just a few leaves on it, so pick out the next best looking tree for spring. And the summer tree is covered with leaves, so the mug with the funkiest looking tree will look just fine when covered with leaves :)

Now draw the leaves! Tip: for summer, start by adding leaves to the limbs, then continue to add rows in between until you fill up the space. Then work your way around the edges to make it circular(ish).

Step 5: Labels

Since I had been wholly unoriginal in the artwork for the mugs, I decided the least I could do was add something new to the design to make it mine. So I labeled each mug with its season on the handle.

Step 6: Bake 'em in the oven

350 degrees for 30 minutes. 

Step 7: Enjoy :)

Pretty simple and super usable diy project! I haven't used them or washed them yet, so I'll let you know if any fading occurs. But for now I'm pretty please :)

ready, set, plan

ready, set, plan

diy: mugs!

diy: mugs!